“I sit at the piano and say: it`s either you or me!”

July 12th, 2014

He is one of my favourite musicians when it comes to the new musical wave. I have told you about how much his music had surprised me when I first listened to it. I have constantly missed his concerts. That`s the way it was. And when I heard that, even though i would be in Timisoara at JAZZ™, where he was programmed to perform, and I was to miss him again, because of my departure to Garana in his evening of performance, I began thinking that karma was involved or maybe the stars didn`t want for us to meet or something.

So I asked Nebuloasa if it would be possible, if maybe Saturn was visiting its uncle, Mercury, in order for me to meet with Teo. The official version: I want to interview him!. The unofficial one: I want to break the karma! "Of course!" Nebuloasa said. "I`ve arranged an interview for you with Teo Milea on Wednesday, at 2:30 PM." Well, that was easy! And you, people, who keep talking about karma and stuff ...:))

So we began talking. Teo and I. As if we`ve known each other since forever. At one point I told him (because that`s the professional way to do it) that we are doing kind of an interview and that he should tell me if something is off the record. " Well I really don`t care what you do here, but we are having a conversation like two normal people here, I have nothing to hide, I am just the way you see me" Teo told me, very naturally establishing the boundaries of our chat. Read more