I finally get to see Teo Milea performing in Bucharest! :)

October 9, 2014

There are different kinds of music, as well as there are different kinds of people. This is one of the reasons life is beautiful! 🙂 I because I am a certain kind of man who listens to a certain kind of music, from time to time it happens that my heart receives the music that it was looking for, at the perfect time.

This is the way it happened with Teo Milea. Who has won me over, musically speaking, from the first moment. After that first moment, because faith wanted us to, we also met in person. And I liked him even more. Even though I listen to his music with distinct periodicity, I have never got the dance to listen to him live. It`s a little bit annoying, I know...

But it looks like he is coming to Bucharest on November 16, at Godot Cafe-Teatre. Not to drink some beer (that will happen, too :D), but to perform. The way he does it best.

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