JAZZ™ 2014 – day 3

July 18th, 2014

A week before JAZZ™ I ran into Teo Milea on the streets of Timisoara. He was telling me he was on a short break from his studies and that he was preparing for the Festival. He also told me that he was a little worried about the weather, because the weather forecasts were predicting rain for the last evening of the festival, when his performance was programmed. "So what if it rains? Music is much better when it rains!" I told myself .

The week past. Without even noticing, the first two days of JAZZ™past, too and the date of July 11th arrived. Last friday when I got out of bed and looked out the window I thought autumn had arrived. A gloomy rain was threatening the last day of the festival. But that didn`t seem to matter for those who were heading to or already were in the Victory Square. And Teo was already on stage, performing at the piano. Read more

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