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July 15th, 2014

Both black and white keys are being heard?
He jokes with one of the technical crew members and goes on with his soundcheck for tonight`s recital in a relaxed way. The sky is turning grey and big, round raindrops fall on the green plastic chairs. Later on, shivering, he comes down from the stage wearing a green t-shirt and an anorak. He carefully bundles his scores and moves them on a table away from the rain.

He is Teo Milea, the pianist for whom his story is our story. And the first pianist to have ever perform on stage of the International Ballet Gala at Dortmund Opera, in its 18 editions, last year.

"I wish that you enjoy me today as much as I enjoy you", Teo tells me with sincere lighted eyes. "I wish every spectator could take a piece of my music with him. Both the initiated one and the one usually listening to Beyonce"Read more