Tempestuous applauses at the release of “A New Beginning”

June 13, 2015

Musician Teo Milea, who managed to conquer the hearts of music lovers with his debut album On white…and black keys, held an extraordinary performance on Friday evening at the Summer Garden, giving music lovers the opportunity to listen for the first time his works for piano and flute, A New Beginning. Alongside was Ionut Cadariu (flute). It was a full house concert and a wonderful atmosphere.

"I admit I was very excited last night. Big time! Each time I introduce to the public a new composition or a new set of piano works I am very interested in the public`s reaction, to see if I managed to make them smile. The public is my friend and is part of my concerts. I am profoundly grateful to them for all the support and warmth they show me. It`s going to be a busy summer for me, with recordings, a new video and I promise them a brand new concert and concept for the October 1st show. I invite them all to the Open Minds Release Concert and till then, I invite them to stay posted for news on my website and my official Facebook page. I also want to thank the organizers for inviting me to perform HOME, because Timisoara will always be home to me!", Teo Milea told us, after the concert. Read more See photos