The last evening of JAZZ™ Festival I was 100% water in a musical sea

July 14th, 2014

Now that I have returned in Cluj, I have to tell you about the last evening of JAZZ™ Festival, probably the most expected one from all, but the one that came with rain, too. The evening began with something that I very much expected after thursday, and that was Teo Milea`s piano recital.

It was raining the way he was playing, on wet keys and few raindrops that you could endure without even an umbrella or a raincoat.  On the two wide screens on sides of the stage, Teo Milea seamed to play not only at piano but also other instruments, but with great elegance. That is how he seamed to me that he was expressing, in a very loaded way, his passion to play the piano. There were no stories between the songs, being a festival programme, so there is no other way for me but to expect another of his concerts, maybe in Cluj, who knows.

But what I needed was the music, so I enjoyed listening to part of his On white...and black keys album, Nostalgia and Ireversibil being my very favourites of all.

I was also very curious about his newest composition, Journey, of which Teo had told me that it would sound a bit different on a future audition: "The song will arrange itself on my fingers and in a short while, when you will hear, it will be at its true value. Now it is very fresh and it needs time. Music is like dregs". Read more

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