On white…and black keys

On white...and black keys

* Runner up 2014 Classical/Modern Classical Album of the Year on SoloPiano.com Radio US

After 24 years during which I have learned to read and play the music of my classical mentors, I have searched within myself to raise improvisation to the rank of composition.

Therefore, on April 26th 2012, I timidly began with a pencil to lay down my ideas on the music sheet. Memories, stories, moments of agony and ecstasy from my world began to have a meaning for the first time in front of an audience, on July 26th 2012.

This album shows me to the public through the 7 songs as being a pianist and a composer belonging to two worlds: the world of classic and the new world, the world of the 21st century. All my work is based on interpersonal relations, states and needs of modern society, passion and desire to conquer new soul territories, not yet explored.

My audience needs neither specialty studies, nor a musical lexicon to understand my compositions. My audience understands my message exactly and in real time, it doesn’t seek to decode subsequently what I tried to transmit in one hour of recital. My music is a targeted one, with instant effect.

Music is a cure for the soul!

Teo Milea


1. Aura     12:42
2. Their story     8:38
3. Memories     7:56
4. Agony and ecstasy     10:20   
5. Nostalgia     9:26
6. Sarabanda     6:14
7. Ireversibil     4:46


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