Press Quotes

Motto Teo Milea

He doesn’t play the piano, he interprets with his entire being, beyond the extraordinary music streaming from his fingers. The way his whole body tells the story of his songs is beyond words.”
- A. Demirgian, Romanian journalist
"In 2013, Milea earned the distinction of being the first pianist to be invited to perform at the Dortmund Opera in Germany for a ballet gala, and ever since, he`s been wowing audiences with his impressive chops on the keys." 
- Canadian Musician Magazine
"The music – serene, introspective, insightful, reveals, perhaps, some of the mysteries of the Genesis. Inspirational, hopeful, at times in dancing rhythms, the music is inspired by 
the mysteries of the universe, that can be hardly captured in words - unless we use a divine vocabulary." 
- Milena Munteanu, Toronto Journalist
"Piano Lightscapes - a concert like no other: soaring, polychrome, emotional... (Teo Milea) the same man behind the piano theology of Cathedral or triple-meter dance of Sarabanda expels the glorious climax of Journey, stamping at pedals like a fine-tuned piston engine." 
- George Motoc, Toronto blogger
"A New Beginning comes with all the traits that we enjoy in Milea’s universe (patient build-ups, space between sounds, emotional roller-coasters, romanticism, drama & tranquility), with the welcome addition and beauty that flute music conveys." 
- George Motoc, Toronto blogger
"Milea`s cinematic compositions for flute and piano breathe new life into Canada`s crossover scene" 
- Robert Rowat, CBC Music Canada
"Teo Milea`s charming musical storytelling took the public from sensitive contemplations to full-speed blasts of positive melodies." 
- George Motoc, Toronto Blogger
"Open Minds’ boasts complex arrangements and colorful melodies of chic sophistication,which keep the listener guessing what might happen at every twist and turn throughout its fascinating plot. A true piano maestro, Teo Milea will undoubtedly leave many fans of classical and solo piano music as impressed by his musical dexterity as I was!" 
- Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio US
"Some very talented people can construct pseudo-narratives from the music itself. Teo Milea has the rare ability to do all this with only the use of his piano...Milea has enough talent in him tobecome not only one of the next great piano players but composers too." 
- Album Review by The Scene Magazine, Toronto, ON
“A delicate conversation of star-washed melodies and intensely moving piano, Teo Milea's time-slowed instrumentals are soothing yet energized.” 
– The Akademia Music Awards, Los Angeles, US
"In order to understand this record, you need to completely disconnect yourself from everything else. This is that kind of album that has no "highlights" but flows smoothly and charmingly. It can be compared to being in front of a mountain spring and watch the water`s whisper. For someone who accidentally passes by,this scenery may seem superficial. Nevertheless, the more you admire the spring, the more you discover complex details. Nothing has been left to chance. The songs from the Open Minds album reveal a certain 
sensitive music, that rips a little bit of everyone`s positive side. Chapeau bas!" 
- Zoltan Varga, Romanian journalist and blogger
"Teo Milea`s compositions have something special: they leave you the impression that they embody and take majestic forms, they become statues, structures, buildings. (...) After his debut with On white...and black keys, well received by the public and by connoisseurs, Teo Milea did not move away from the forms he so punctiliously, patiently and ambitiously used to build his temple.One can nowspeak about this artist`s personal style - he knows how to get close to his public and to entertain full house concerts." 
– Mimo Obradov, Romanian Journalist
"Povestea pianului începe acolo unde muzica reușește să apropie oamenii, unde gândurile devin înălțătoare, unde există patimă, curaj și pasiune. Unde clapele se ating prin vibrații transmise direct din suflet, unde simțirea dă tonalitatea și unde compozitorul este totul. Și, de date aceasta, totul este la Teo Milea, prin nostalgie, ireversibil, prin forța de a transforma ruptura într-o partitură nouă, lipsită de regrete sau dezamăgiri. Audițiilemarca Teo Milea intrigă, nasc sentimente puternice, apropie oameni necunoscuți în aceeași sală."
- Alexandra Roata,