Milea & Theinert, or how does it rain with light on piano keys

April 7th, 2014

Teo Milea is always playing, as we know, on white and black keys. Sometimes, tunes find "brothers" in colours and burst, like a bright rain, over the hearts of those who still know how to listen. On Sunday evening, at Theresia Bulwark, rained this way for a few tens of magical minutes.

Cafekultour is the event that, for 10 years now, takes art outside the places that is used to. In 2014, at least one of the many programmed moments, will remain very hard to be equalised. On Sunday evening, the Theresia Bulwark was filled up with curious yes who wanted to see what could come out of a Romanian-German collaboration. Teo Milea & Kurt Laurenz Theinert played each on his own "notes": one on his musical ones and the other on his light ones. For tens of minutes the Bulwark became a magical canvas on which the images projected by Theinert started a perfect dance, sweetly dictated by Milea. Read more

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