A bright new beginning for Teo Milea

May 14, 2017
Concert notes by George Motoc

A New Beginning comes with all the traits that we enjoy in Milea’s universe (patient build-ups, space between sounds, emotional roller-coasters, romanticism, drama & tranquility), with the welcome addition and beauty that flute music conveys. Lim is a talented raconteur, equally during delicate passages (as in I Remember You, or the title track) or when caught in rapid-fire unisons (The 1st Waltz).  The main narrator is the flute, but there is interplay for good balance all over the program.

Teo stood up from his piano a few times, as he usually does, to talk about his music, send thanks to all the mothers in the room (to which he dedicated the brilliant concert closing, Smile), or to bring on stage his award-winning, 12-year old piano student Matthew Alexandru Poru (who stunned everybody with his impeccable rendition of the Sonatina in D Major op 36 no 6 Muzio Clementi first movement). It is during these spoken passages when his effervescent humor bubbles out, and that’s just as enjoyable as his music. (...)

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