Teo Milea – The art of the piano (concert notes)

November 4, 2018
Article by George Motoc

"For his audience, Teo played four un-published songs, that cannot be heard anywhere else but in concert. “City Lights” opened the night to set up the mood. Later on, “Remembering”: a composition commissioned by McMichael’s Gallery on their 50th anniversary back in 2016. “Serenade” was a Canadian premiere tonight, and you must see the short video of Teo playing it at his studio for…his cat Bubu, laying on top of the piano with feline grace and sophistication (it’s on Teo’s Facebook, posted Oct 18, 2018). The concert ended with “Momentum”, a breathless rollercoaster played at breakneck speed, with enough power to move the most impenetrable souls in the audience."

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