Open Minds

Open Minds

* Winner of 2015 Classical Album of the Year on Radio US
* Winner of Best Ambient/Instrumental Album in the February 2016 Akademia Music Awards

Through my music, I met a new, honest world, smiling and with a radiating joy. I stepped into the world I had dreamed of and wished for, the world of open-minded people, the universe where fairy-tales are told through the voice of music. With Open Minds, my piano music enters a new dimension of sensitivity and perception.

Open Minds is my thank you message addressed to all my friends for all the support and trust they have given me these years and also, it is a call to tolerance, joy, and friendship.

My audience needs neither specialty studies nor a musical lexicon to understand my compositions. My audience understands my message exactly and in real time, it doesn’t seek to decode subsequently what I tried to transmit in one hour of a recital. My music is a targeted one, with instant effect.

Music is a cure for the soul!

Teo Milea


1. Cathedral     13:35
2. Streets in Crayon     7:29
3. 1st sun     7:32
4. Forever yours     11:30
5. Silence     8:45
6. Journey     7:44

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Album art cover by Lucian Tidorescu
LOGO Lucian Tidorescu