Outstanding show by Teo Milea at the Summer Garden

June 13, 2015

The Summer Garden of "Banatul" Philharmonic Hall in Timisoara got full on Friday evening for Timisoara`s musician Teo Milea. The public listened to the first performance of A New Beginning - brand new compositions for piano and flute written by pianist and composer Teo Milea, alongside Ionut Cadariu (flute).

The performance started at 10 PM and lasted almost until midnight. Seats were occupied by people of all ages - children, parents, grandparents, enjoying until the end of the show. Teo Milea succeeded in winning over the hearts of the public from Timisoara, being rewarded with tempestuous applauses and requests for more. "I have never missed Teo`s concerts and I`m happy that public is growing for this kind of events. Teo Milea`s piano is magical and he manages to surprise us with something new with every show!", one of the pianists`s big fan told us. Read more See photos