Pianist Teo Milea reveals the reasons of his move to Canada. His last concert in Timisoara is approaching

May 31st, 2015

Musician Teo Milea, who managed to conquer the hearts of music lovers with his debut album On white…and black keys, announced that he is moving to Canada, immediately after his release concert for new album Open Minds, which will take place on October 1st, at "Banatul" Philharmonic Hall. "I very much wanted to release my new record Open Minds record in TImisoara. I could have left for Toronto this January, but I`ve postponed my departure, scheduling the release concert for October 1st - my last show for a while in Timisoara at "Banatul" Philharmonic Hall. This concert is my thank you message for the public who has raised me. I have written a big part of these piano works in Timisoara, I have finished in Arad and these two cities - that have been my inspiration - will be the cities for Open Minds release concerts", Teo Milea said. Read more

Tickets will be available starting June 8th, at the "Banatul" Philharmonic Hall pay office, for a price of 30 lei. More details about the Open Minds Release Concert: https://www.facebook.com/events/859692947410857/