Piano Lightscapes – a concert like no other: soaring, polychrome, emotional

October 31, 2017
Review by George Motoc

Teo Milea and Kurt Laurenz Theinert: Piano Lightscapes, 918 Bathurst Culture&Arts Centre, Toronto. Sunday 29 October 2017 (Sold out concert).

I always knew Teo Milea‘s music is cinematic. Laurenz Theinert brought those visions to life.

The concert begins and Laurenz’s lightscapes conjure skyscraper jungles, cosmic vistas or the gentle flakes of a first snowfall.

Across from him, the same man behind the piano theology of Cathedral or triple-meter dance of Sarabanda expels the glorious climax of Journey, stamping at pedals like a fine-tuned piston engine. Laurenz follows closely on his own keyboard, and there are moments of levity, or near enough. (...)

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